Marcella Castellanos - Holistic Life Coach

I'm an emerging entrepreneur trying to put all of the pieces together. Recently, I received a consultation from Gail Shapiro on how I can brand myself better.  She is knowledgeable about online marketing and image enhancement and effectively blended the two in her branding consultation with me.  Gail gave me some interesting, extremely helpful insight on changes I can make on my website and how I can better change my image to reflect the vision that I have for myself.  She was a fantastic listener and was able to provide a clearer vision of what I couldn't quite vocalize or define myself, from my picture to my website background and even what title I should use for myself.  I highly recommend Gail for helping to give great direction and guidance on branding.  She was a breath of fresh air. 

Bruce Langford - Success Business Training

When I sought Gail Shapiro's advice on my business, she was able to quickly evaluate my needs and offered practical, step-by-step strategies which left me with a marketing action plan I could immediately begin to implement.  Gail possesses the gift of clarity and was able to communicate with me in a professional, yet down-to-earth manner.

Thanks Gail!


Marylou Heenan - Financial Advisor Assante Capital Management Ltd.

When I decided to change my entrepreneurial career from language school owner to Investment Adviser, I knew that I woul have to modify my image to fit a new mould.  Fortunately I began working with Gail Shapiro on that transition, and that made a huge difference in the speed at which I made the modifications.

Gail can help you establish our personal brand and communicate that effectively.  She guides you through exercises that provide valuable insights on putting forward your best professional image.  She is thoughtful and adapts her tools to your individual situation, giving you clarity on your brand and confidence in putting it forward with potential.