It’s so very true.....

you never have a second chance to make a first impression!

I’m 60 and single.  I was meeting a new guy for brunch last Sunday. 

My approach is always to look appropriate for the setting (meaning dress for the occasion) but at the same time I want to make a great first impression, because you just never know where the meeting may lead.  (after all, I met my husband on a blind date) So....I showered, washed my hair, did the makeup thing and went with the black pants and sweater look. 

Having only seen a semi profile picture of this guy online (he was very well dressed in the photo), I was a little nervous about recognizing him.  It’s a good thing he saw me first or I would have left without ever making contact. 

My first impression of him?  Let’s just say it was not so good.  Everyone can afford to be well groomed and if you want to make a good first impression, that’s the very least you can and should do.  It won’t cure personality disorders but hopefully the other person should be interested enough to want to find out if you have any!

If you’re a guy reading this, let me give you the 4-1-1

  1.  Many women ( myself included) don’t mind if their men skip shaving on occasion...BUT...if we have never met and your beard is beyond 5 o’clock shadow, we are not impressed by your laziness
  2. I am not critical of the length of your hair at this point but seriously.....if you have fluffy stuff all over the back of your neck and it’s impossible to distinguish your  sideburns, and you can’t find your comb........Visit your hair stylist before meeting us
  3. If you describe yourself at being a certain height which is supposed to be anything taller than us and we can look you in the eye without tilting our heads, and we are not wearing heels, let's just say we are not impressed by your dishonesty.  That one is so obvious!  Makes us wonder what else are you trying to deceive us about?
  4. I don’t know how many men iron their own shirts, so here’s the deal.....if you can, then please do and if you can’t or choose not to....then ask a friend, your mother or your dry cleaner, but don’t show up wearing a shirt that looks as though it came out of the dryer rolled up in a ball and stayed that way until you decided to put it on.
  5. Footwear is a big deal.  Scuffed up shoes or boots can make even the best put together outfit fail miserably.  Polish those shoes and wear ones that are appropriate for the look.
  6. If you wake up not feeling well and you don’t think you can pull off a decent conversation without squirming in pain, and you have arranged to meet at a restaurant but you don’t think you can handle eating....best to be honest and postpone the date!  If we skip breakfast in favour of having brunch with you, we may be hungry but uncomfortable about eating when you aren’t.  That could leave us both squirming.

A good rule of thumb is.....like attracts like so be what you who you want to attract!

And by the way girls.....the same rules apply to us!

I'd love to hear some of your first date stories.   Feel free to share in the comments below or in our facebook group.