You see and hear it all the time.  Popular celebrities are being swarmed by fans for autographs, chased by paparazzi for photos and stalked by out of control followers who just can't get enough of them.

So what if you could be followed and stalked by fans and followers who just couldn't get enough of you and what you offer?  What if you could be just that poplar?                                 

Just imagine how that would impact your business.                                  

Popularity is defined as:

                         "being liked or enjoyed by many people"

Things usually become popular because they grab us emotionally or a problem.

 examples include:

     *  Crest white strips are popular for whitening our teeth              

     *  Volvo cars are marketed to appeal to our concern for safety while others like Tesla offer the latest technology combined with luxury                

     *  Songs can be popular because they have a catchy tune or lyrics that appeal to our emotions

Great effort goes into marketing these products to a niche audience that will use them to solve a problem or fill a desire they currently want to satisfy.

People become popular because they have “Charisma”.

 Charisma is defined as:

      “A personal magic of leadership arousing special popular loyalty or enthusiasm for a public figure”

Their personalities are usually large, they are charming, they captivate us in some way.  We are attracted to their uniqueness, allure, magnetism.  They don’t blend into the crowds but rather have an appeal that sets them apart. 

Often they are rule breakers, doing or saying things their way.  They are not followers, but leaders.

To be truly popular you must have a CHARISMATIC IMPRINT

Definition of Charismatic Imprint


"a memorable impression created when substance, personality, and antics result in popularity"

   The Charismatic Formula:

 #1 Substance (= value) + #2 Personality (= style) + #3 Antics = Popularity

The most obvious current example of someone with a charismatic imprint is Donald Trump.  I’m not going to get into his personality or politics (after all - I’m Canadian so I don’t get a vote) but you have to admit, the guy has it in spades.

#1 Substance:  here’s where the debate may come in but he’s gotten pretty far politically so some of you think there is some substance involved.  Personally he has managed to do well so let’s give it to him.  He has substance.

#2 Personality:  Like his or not he’s got tons of it.  He is his own man, most definitely does not follow anyone.  To his credit (and I’m sure loads of input from their mothers), his children have turned out well. No bratty druggies in that family. He speaks his mind, plays his own rules, lives life on his terms.  Sorry, but I have to mention his hair which he claims to be his own.  Ok, I’ll stop now. 

#3 Antics:  He wins again.  He must lie awake at night dreaming of new ways to be different.  To exaggerate his already obvious quirkiness. 

Add it all up and you have to admit he is popular.  Not in a favorable way for everyone but that isn’t his goal.  And it should not be yours either. 

An old cliché says: “you cannot be all things to all people” and you don’t want to be because then your value is very diluted.  

You want to be very popular with the fans and stalkers you want to woo as clients.  End of story!


Stay awesome!