My favorite scene in the movie “The Holiday” is where Eli Wallack’s character is having dinner with Kate Winslett’s character and he comments on her relationship with the guy she is pining for.  He tells her she is “leading lady material” though she is not acting like it.  Her response:

“You’re right.  I should be the leading lady in my own life for ****** sake”! 

Isn’t it time for you to become the leading lady of your life?    

If you’ve celebrated your fiftieth birthday (sh! it can be our little secret) you may be feeling it’s not only a time for reflection but also a time to strategise your future.  After all, don’t you think it’s time to start living life on your terms?

Doing what you want, when you want, how you want and with whomever you choose !

As a child your parents told you what do and when to do it.  As a teenager you started making some of your own choices and learning to accept the responsibility and potential consequences of those choices.  In your twenties you likely started a career or a job and became financially responsible for yourself.  Maybe you found a partner and maybe you started a family.  And just maybe you chose to defer your personal goals and dreams in the best interest of your family at that time.

But our lives are constantly evolving.  Our families grow up and they need us in different ways, often requiring less of our time.

And so we begin the next chapter of our lives. 

You now have the freedom to do and be what you want. You have earned the privilege of finding what will fulfill you!  This is your opportunity to use your life and career experience to build a new business that offers you freedom – both financial and time to live with style.  

  • We are not defined by our age but by our attitude.
  • What will excite you?  Maybe add a little sparkle to your life?
  • Do you have any unfulfilled personal dreams or goals?  Any inner voices coming to life?
  • Will you be happy retiring and staying home with your family?
  • Are you ready for a new career, entrepreneurship or non-profit?  Do you want to volunteer?
  • Do you want to travel?

Have the Courage to Live Your Dream – Not Someone Else’s

There is no universally right or wrong answer.  It’s a very personal choice.  

Cherish your time and choose to make it most meaningful for you.  Design your future. 

Accomplish your goals, live with passion and style, and have the courage to be you.

Be the leading lady in your life!  

Nobody does you better than you!


Stay awesome!

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