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Hi...I'm Gail

As little girls we fantasize about "our grown up lives" - where we will live, how we will live and who will share our dreams.

Somewhere en route we may get derailed - lose our confidence, our sense of self and feel lost and alone.

CHARISMATIC IMPRINT is dedicated to building your confidence, discovering your purpose & branding you as the person you've always wanted to show the world!



Some of us grew up with low self esteem and some of us just lost ourselves while living our lives. Now is the time to find the confidence you need to become the person you've always wanted to be and truly live the life of your dreams.

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You've spent years working, travelling, raising a family (maybe the furry kind) and experienced the ups and downs of life. Now you're preparing for Act III and wondering what to do and how to do it. You're searching for purpose that will add meaning and fulfillment to your life.

Create your bucket list and start living it now.

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Everyone has a personal brand either by design or default. It encompasses your look, your vibe, what you stand for, how you interact with people. Whether you have a business, a career, you are trying to reinvent yourself and need a makeover or maybe you are entering the dating scene, show the world your best version of you and live your brand 24/7.

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A private community with tools and strategies to live the life and business you crave.

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